Visual Journalism Group

Visual Journalism Group is International Photo Journalism community focussing on news  through Images. Our major policy is to bring great photographs to the world and add news value to it. We are group of several individual creative professionals and hobby artists from across the world to publicise good ideas, work and use photography and art as a tool to a better world.

We don’t write, we dawn talk but our art speaks! We love to communicate, share and showcase art and creative innovations (especially photographs) to spread messages, convey ideas, make us heard and improve the world around us. If you would love to be a part of the visual journalism group and spread the reach of your creative artwork, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to showcase your creative elegance for the world to see.

Our Photo Journalism Writing Team

We are simply a group of creative work, art and photography enthusiasts who love to look through everything in this universe through photographs and images. A creative group of enthusiastic individuals from across the globe who focus on working together in creating this a better world by imparting knowledge through photographs.

We have members spread across the globe and to name a few are from Australia, India, UK and the United States. We would also love other innovative and creative minds to join hands with us to grow the Visual and Photo Journalism website and group much further. Contact us if you would love to feature your photo journalism work on our platform!

Our Supporting Photographers Photography Australia – Check out their Melbourne birthday party photos & Adelaide Photographers at the official PartySnapper website!