3 Vital Photo Journalism Tips for Professionals

Photo Journalism is no longer limited to professional photographers assigned to a particular job with a defined aim in mind and pro gear! The nature and method of photo journalism has changed over the years and nowadays anyone with a mobile phone can be called a photo journalist or a citizen journalist.

With increased competition from anyone and everyone, it is very vital that you are on top of the professional standards and complete your task in hand with a unique and utmost professional cutting edge approach. Below are some key tips that will help you achieve the same.

visual journalism tips for everyone

Have a very planned approach to the gig

It is vital to plan your approach and schedule well in advance and not aim for a unprepared attempt. It is vital that you have all the required gear, support and backup plans when on a journalism job which helps you achieve better results.

Accurate Timing and Presence

Being at the right place at the right time is the most important aspect of photo journalism. Coupled with the right gear and planned attendance can help you capture the right photo even if your are positioned far away from the subject of interest (thats why time and planning is crucial).

Having the right knowledge and staying updated:

It is important to stay updated on the latest connectivity medium, latest gear and most importantly the latest laws (copyright, journalism, content, images, law of lands etc.) while managing a task and post task activities. To summarise, Timing + Planning + Knowledge = better photo journalism results. Hope this short post helped throw some light on the key aspects to focus on as a photo journalist.

This article has been contributed by Josh – Author and travel journalist at  What’s On in Melbourne and Things to do in Melbourne – a popular magazine and journal for Australians. For almost all the best stuff in Australia, Check out WhatsBest Australia.