Photojournalism on the Go

Photo journalism and citizen journalism has never been easier as of today with wide spread usage of technology and mobile imaging devices. In my opinion, the best way to easily write a photo journal online is by effectively making use of technology available today. Below are some tips to help journalists to quickly publish news from their mobile devices.

Have a decent camera smart phone: be it android or iOS, it is hugely handy to have a smart phone connected to the internet handy. This will help journalists to send photos, send emails, take photographs and communicate on the go. With heaps of mobile applications that will help you achieve this, it is important to have a decent smart phone handy.

photo journalism on the go for travellers

Know how to use and publish using platforms like WordPress: as of today, the most popular publishing platform online is WordPress. The content management system has an inbuilt mobile application that allows you to publish photos and news to your wordpress powered news website from your mobile device. This approach is popular among independent news and update magazines online.

Basic mobilephotography skills can really help: it’s not very hard at all to click good photos using smart phone cameras. Nowadays there are superb mobile camera equipments that help you succeed as a professional news photographer without any additional gear. It is important to know how to most effectively use such a camera and publish the photographs from your phone. To summarise, the journalism world is fast changing now with advanced mobile imaging devices and excellent connectivity. Stay updated and tuned to be a great photo journalist.